I’m movin’ on up from the adolesence of the xanga (zang-ga) to the more mature (ma-too-er) world of the Blog.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. yepindeed says:

    Love your blog–found it on twitter via excitement over She and Him Christmas album.

    Just got started in the blog world, enjoying it so far: http://yepindeed.wordpress.com/


  2. Chris Peltier says:

    Hi I’m Chris,, been a Zooey Deschanel fan for many years… I think the world of Zooey. Her beauty, her charm, her quirkiness, and a voice i could listen too all day and all night. I’ve tried relentlessly over about the last 6 years to try to get a personalized 8×10 autographed picture from Zooey. I’ve been laughed at, hung up on, humiliated, told “We cant help you”.. I’ve bought pictures of her over the years and sent them to Zeitgeist only to never see or hear from them.. My faith is week in this wish ever coming true. Right now my only ray of hope is I’m going to a “SheandHim” concert on June 13th in Nashville, so i’ve said a little prayer that maybe, just maybe i’ll get Zooey’s autograph then… I’m trying to be respectful and “play by the rules”, but I havent gotten the same in return. I would be humbled and deeply touched if i could get a personalized autographed picture from Zooey. Signed by her and personalized to me… You know,, something like “To Chris, Always Zooey Deschanel”.. So I’m taking an 8×10 of her to the concert and praying that she’ll make this wish come true.. Just 1 minute of her time will be a memory to last me the rest of my life… I’m discouraged but i’m not giving up.. Sorry for typing a novel here… Sincerely,, Chris Peltier (sting406@yahoo.com)

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