Wall Art

I never thought I would actually spend more than $3 for a piece of art to put on my wall.

I was wrong.

On a short vacation with the fam-bam in Bemidji last month I came across some bee-ewe-tea-full prints—in the gift shop of a Hampton Inn! Now THAT’S class.

But in all honesty, I really love this artist. Nicholas Jackson is a local artist & if I could draw worth a toot I think it would look exactly like his style. It’s like he draws what’s in my brains!

I bought these two prints & framed them:

I unfortunately don’t know the name of this, but it completely encapsulates the feeling Fall invokes in me in. one. flipping. illustration. (Amazing.)

Yes, my friends, that’s Aslan. How awesome is that?! It’s such a haunting portrayal of that moment in the story. I love the tones. This one’s called “Comfort Before the Sacrifice“. (Go buy it!)

Nicholas Jackson has a website, blog & an Etsy store. While the prints aren’t $3 like I usually spend they are a steal at a cool $20 for an 8×10. I am especially excited about this Peter Pan sketch which I hope turns in to a print. I already have a place on my wall for it!

p.s. How fantastic is that Paul & Babe print?! So fab.


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