Photographs That Make My Head Explode

Get ready for your head to explode too.

All photos courtesy of Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

Frank Sinatra & Grace Kelly

Eartha Kitt & James Dean

Nancy Reagan & Mr. T

Bob Dylan, Neil Young, & Eric Clapton

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

Marlon Brando & Bob Hope

Robert Plant & Linda Ronstadt

Jeff Goldblum, Jane Lynch, & Zooey Deschanel (My brains are ALL OVER the floor after this one.)

Alfred Hitchcock & Ingrid Bergman

Julie Andrews & Audrey Hepburn

Robert Downey Jr. & Johnny Depp (HUMINAHUMINAHUMINA)

And my favorite one of all (so far):

Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly


One thought on “Photographs That Make My Head Explode

  1. This is amazing! That photo with Zooey is fantastic. Thanks for posting!

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