Gotta Have My (Pie) POPS!

Tonight, I made these because of my obsession with this.

Even though that recipe isn’t very thorough (“1 egg” is listed as an ingredient yet there’s not a mention of what to do with it. Just to spite a hen?) a competent human should be able to navigate their way to a yummy pie pop with just a guideline.

The filling. I suggest making too much & eating the leftovers with the wooden spoon. Yes, specifically a wooden spoon.

Pre-cooked pops. I chose grilling skewers seeing as I couldn’t find wooden lollipop sticks at my local grocers. Tip: find lollipop sticks. Or at least shorter skewers.

Mmmm, all cooked & ready for my belly.

Bonus Photo:

This is what my family was doing while I made them. Watching the Jungle Book outside. Awesome.

Yes, it is a Saturday night. Yes, myself & all the siblings present are single. Why do you ask?


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