(Target) Field of Dreams

As you know, (or for some of you, “What you wish I would shut up about is that,”) I love the MN Twins. Yes, my true obsession started when Target Field opened last year, & while I have always kept up with my boys & loved them I was not nearly as obsessive about it all as I am now. Call me all the poser names you want, but I know my love for the sport is genuine & Target Field is what started my true blue love for it. So sue me.

OK, maybe I’m overreacting, this is all to tell you: I love Target Field & I went to my first 2011 game last night. It was magical. Here are some pictures.

You know that’s right.

TF really brings out the 12 year old in me.

The gang + couple lovingly gazing at one another.

My obsession twin. No pun intended.

We didn’t get circled (BEERRRRTT!). Still proud of our signs, though. Thinking of just bringing the “Bert” half to the next game. It really stands alone, don’t you think?!

It got pretty intense towards the end. (Madre really knows how to capture emotion!)

But Danny Boy (the pipes, the pipes are calling, etc) saved the day!

We’re just a buncha WiLd & crazy guys! :


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