On Mist & Fog

Yesterday contained my very favorite weather. FOG! And MIST! And clouds & drizzle & soggy leaves & temperatures warm enough for a long walk through the woods but cool enough to nip your nose in the most eerie of ways. Of course I love sunny summer days too – they create the anticipation for the most adventurous weather. Once again, no one puts it better than GK:

“I do not know if other people are made like me in this matter; but to me it is always dreary weather, what may be called useless weather, that slings into life a sense of action and romance. On bright blue days I do not want anything to happen; the world is complete and beautiful, a thing for contemplation. I no more ask for adventures under that turquoise dome than I ask for adventures in church. But when the background of man’s life is a grey background, then, in the name of man’s sacred supremacy, I desire to paint on it in fire and gore. When the heavens fail man refuses to fail; when the sky seems to have written on it, in letters of lead and pale silver, the decree that nothing shall happen, then the immortal soul, the prince of the creatures, rises up an decrees that something shall happen, if it be only the slaughter of a policeman.”

Tremendous Trifles, Chesterton

So, what else was there to do but drag my little sister through the woods with me while I take pictures?!


One thought on “On Mist & Fog

  1. This is such a hauntingly beautiful string of photos. I totally know what you mean about fog and mist! I love waking up on a Spring day full of moisture such as this. 🙂

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