The Little Blanket Adventurer

Now, I’m no Anne Geddes. I’ve been told I’m not nearly that creepy of a baby photographer (…is that a compliment?). However, I am a young woman, & being so it is very difficult to resist dressing up a baby in costumes & putting him or her in hilarious (albeit ridiculous) scenes.

And so I bring you: Blanket Adventures.

(Inpsired by this.)

Beach Boys Baby

Puddle Jumpin’ Baby

Baby Inspired by ‘Up’

Butterfly Catchin’ Baby*

Picnicin’ Baby

Baby…in SPACE!


*A certain brother of mine was actually concerned I was planning on putting the baby IN the net. So much for being considered un-creepy.


One thought on “The Little Blanket Adventurer

  1. I adore this, and I adore you. Wowowowow.

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