Me Most Magnificent Memes

If you hadn’t already noticed, I spend a good deal of my time on the internet (it concerns me that I almost typed “interwebs”. Thanks, mom.) That being so, I find YouTube is the most effective waster of my time. I can find anything, from cats playing keyboards (I’ve literally watched that video at least 100 times.) to LARPing nerds geekstrordanaire. In my time on the tube I find myself gravitating to certain channels. So, my friends, I bring to you my Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels (in a very particular order):

5) Kandee Johnson: OK, so, YES on the outside this seems like you’re typical make-up tutorial vlog &  you’re like, “Whoa that’s boring”. However, if you are of the female persuasion this woman has incredible tips on everything from foundation basics to runway eyes. If you’re not interested in the basic make-up tips Kandee Johnson is a crazy kind of good at Halloween make-up. She makes it all seem to easy & possible. If you ever find yourself wanting to wow your friends at a Halloween soiree (or if you just like painting your face all sad & alone at 2am) this is your gal. Here’s her doing an Edward Scissorhands look – but you should check out all the other tutorials she has:

4) Leslie Hall: She is the Keeper of the Gems. I can’t tell you why I find this woman so effing hilarious. I. Just. Do. Here she is on Ring my Bell. Once the 2×4 comes out I die a little on the inside:

3) Barats & Bereta: I find that they are the ultimate masters of YouTube skits. Man vs Toddler:

2) Fail Blog: Who doesn’t love wasting their time watching someone get hit in the balls or a young woman with the inability to park her vehicle?:

1) Everything is Terrible: This channel never ceases to shock me with it’s ability to reach deep into my past & dig up things I would have otherwise forgotten (why did they all yell their lines?!):

Oooooh deeearrr.


2 thoughts on “Me Most Magnificent Memes

  1. Amanda Kogle says:

    The children really do yell. They also laid hands on a robot to pray for it.

  2. krdugan says:

    Are you implying that God can’t heal robots?!

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