Happy 235th, Jane!

Three of my lovely friends & I have been watching Jane Austen movies the last few weeks. We are Austen Addicts. I am not joking. However, I believe it to be a healthy addiction for a young lady. Jane was a lovely & witty soul with much wisdom & insight about life. Our admiration for her fueled last nights festivities.

Yes, my friends, we had a birthday party for Jane Austen.

Yes, we are nerds, & had cake. (We did not sing happy birthday, although it crossed my mind more than once.)

Her real birthday was December 16th, so we were a day late in celebrating, but I don’t think she would have minded. We didn’t do much to celebrate actually, just what we usually do: eat lots of food, drink earl grey & watch a movie based on one of her books. Last night it was Emma (starring Gwyneth Paltrow).

It was, as usual, a lovely evening with much laughter (mostly involving me doing something foolish like pouring the hot water for tea directly onto the coffee table instead of in the cup) & much coziness.

And of course we’re all women here. I only know a few men (who I TRULY admire) that read Austen, but I think Jane covers this subject wisely when she has Emma say,

“One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.”

And so, dear Jane, thank you for you’re wonderful stories & brilliant writing. You have inspired women across time & distance. I think my friend Amanda put it best in her facebook status on your birthday when she said, “Happy 235th birthday Jane Austen. Go and whip your hair back and forth.”


One thought on “Happy 235th, Jane!

  1. Sarah Spear says:

    Much much coziness!

    She’s so pure and wonderful, I don’t want to read or put anything less into my brain 🙂

    Thanks, Katie!

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