I have a long history of (potentially clinically) insane relatives. Every year we hold the DFC (Like KFC except with a D for Dugan & a C for Christmas, not chicken. Oh, and an F for family not fried, although I don’t mind the sound of a fried Christmas. Sounds delicious.) Way back in the good ol’ days (1990, of course) we recorded this gathering for the world to see. However, the world wasn’t quite ready…till now:

If you care to know, I am the bemused looking toddler in the first scene of Part II. The one with the crazy woman (I call her “mom”).

What to look for:

– My mom asleep on the couch
– So, so many Cosby-worthy sweaters
– Uncle Toby’s tambourine skills
– Cousin Ben saying, “I COULD DO IT”
– Sunglasses
– Something Sweet: Cousin Choir (Cousin Daniel plays the beat while I play the…scarf)
– Nothing will ever, EVER beat the Televangelathon at the end. (My favorite quotes: “Tempted and tried…Have you been tempted not to go to your wallet? Have you tried?!” & “Oh Great Mammon!”)



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