The (Slightly Less) Great Pumpkin & Other Halloween Related Items

I can tell by all of the creative, outlandish, & even offensive comments I got on my last post that you are all on the very edge of your seats, tighty-whiteys in bunches wondering what on earth I made with those pumpkins! (Oh, wait…perhaps I day-dreamed up those comments…) Well, whether you like it or not (or simply don’t care, as I am guessing is more likely the case) here, my friend, is my pumpkatastic creation:

Yes, my friends, it is a snowman. With a pirate hat. (A last minute addition.)

The pipe, THE PIPE, I love the pipe.

Though I had no part in it this year, we decorated our front steps for Halloween, & I think it turned out pretty freaky-funky-cool. We got compliments from every kid who came to the door. We’re pretty fly, for white guys.

We’ve always had the body laying in our flower bed, but the haunted guitar was a new addition this year. (Timmy was pretty proud of his clip-art.)

And the man-squished-by-garage-door scene has been a classic in my house since I can remember. Always freaks the chillins out.


We also have a Halloween playlist looping throughout the evening. It’s not your typical witch laughs, cats cries, & screams (though there’s plenty of that in there.) Let me share with you the songs we loop:

1) The Haunted Mansion Theme: Yes, from the ride. And yes, ours does include the “please keep your hands & arms in the vehicle at all times” line. That always scares the crackers n’ cheese outta the youngins.

2) Theme from Gremlins: It’s a good theme. But after about the 15th time I find myself wishing I was the body in the flower bed.

3) Theme from Ghostbusters: Obviously.

4) The Adams Family Theme, remastered by MC Hammer: It’s Hammerolloween Time. (You’re really missing out if you don’t watch the video linked here. My favorite line: “…I needed to borrow a little. bit. of. peppa!”)

And that, my dears, is a totally unnecessary recap of my Halloween.

(It would have also made a cute penguin.)


One thought on “The (Slightly Less) Great Pumpkin & Other Halloween Related Items

  1. Dan Davis says:

    The pipe is indeed great on that little guy.

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