Bemidji Books

Every year on MEA weekend my family travels to Bemidji, MN for a little mini vacation. We stay in the Hampton Inn on the lake & read books in the lobby near the gas fireplace while we sip complementary hot tea, cocoa, or coffee. There is also an indoor/outdoor hot tub which is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. (I swear Hilton is not paying me anything for this. But I wouldn’t say no.)

When packing for this trip, the usual essentials like clothing or soap are on the very bottom of my list. What I must figure out first is this: what books should I bring this year? And so, lady &/or gentleman, I present to you my Bemijdi Book List. I have four days.

First Up:

My Bible & Journal

Three Non-Fiction:

A Walk With Jane Austen – A re-read. Fed up with her job, Lori Smith decided to hop across the pond & travel the path of Jane Austen for a time. It’s basically a journal of her travels. I read this before going on my own adventure & thought it would be good to read it now that some of my own ponderings on what I learned have begun to settle.

A Grief Observed – A First Time read. I’ve read a lot of Lewis, but not nearly as much as I would like (…which would be everything.) What drew me to this first was it’s paper thin size, but then I read the first page & felt his pain. Yes, I think this was a good choice.

He is There and He is Not Silent – A First Time read. I’ve never read Schaeffer, which many of my friends find quite horrible. The title of this got my attention as (once again) did reading the first page. (Sorry for the low-rez image, but I’m using photos of the covers I’m actually reading, because I’m OCD like that. And apparently my dad bought this in 1972.)

Three Fiction:

Catching Fire – First Time read, half way through. A cheesy futuristic drama. What? Don’t judge me. I enjoyed the first one.

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire – A Bajillionth Time read. I’ve been on again/off again reading this book for a couple of months. That’s what I like about Harry Potter, I can just pick it up whenever I want, wherever I left off & still be enthralled.

Peter Pan – A First Time read. “Santa” always brought us kids these great Children’s Classics books. They’re hard cover & large & just very much what a book should look like. However, I have never read my version of Peter Pan. A tragedy which ends this weekend! (The actual size is about 8″ x 7″)

I’m really hoping to finish (or at least get a good way through) all of these books. I’ll try & remember to let you know how it goes.

Bemidji, I love you & Paul Bunyon & his big blue ox!

(Pops & me looking nerdy as we inadvertently matched each other AND Paul Bunyon.)

(Please ignore my obnoxiously comfy boots.)



One thought on “Bemidji Books

  1. Joe Whitson says:

    I was in a bad mood today, but Paul Bunyan made it all better. So thanks.

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