These are a Few of my Favorite Things

I sit here, utterly distraught as I have just watched my precious Twins lose to the horrible, horrible Yankees for the 13th post-season game in a row. So, instead of marinating in my own bitter juices, I decided I would rather share with you (Julie Andrews style), in no particular order, a few of my favorite things.

Awkward Family Photos

Zooey Deschanel (I don’t just want to be like her, I want to BE. HER.)

The (talented, adorable, folksy, etc) Weepies

Earl (or Lady) Grey  Tea & Scones with Jam & Cream. I lived in England for 3 months. The food there is not spectacular. I ate this to LIVE. (Also genuinely mouth-wateringly delicious.)

The MN Twins & Target Field. Baseball’s the only sport I really (no, really) get into. Needless to say & seeing as I grew up in MN, with only indoor baseball, this new stadium blew my freaking mind.

The Night Sky. It never ceases to amaze me. Especially in the woods up north away from the world.

Sinatra. Needs no explanation.

Roman Holiday. My favorite movie.

Tiny Diamond Rings.

M. “The Man Who Grows the Most Epic Facial Hair in the Whole World” Ward*

*Facial Hair Not Pictured Here**

Smoking My Pipe.*

*My pipe is not nearly as woodsy & magical as this one.

Nora Ephron Movies.

John Keats Poetry.

Jane Austen.*


(And then of course) Mr. Darcy.

Erin Fetherston Designs.

Messy Braids.

Last but most certainly & in no way, shape, or form least, the wonderful, amazing, dream inspiring musical stylings of my two previous favorite ‘things’: She. &. Him.

**Epic facial hair is pictured here!





3 thoughts on “These are a Few of my Favorite Things

  1. Joe says:

    Two Things:

    1. You are such a folkster

    2. Since when do you smoke a pipe and why have we never smoked together?

  2. krdugan says:

    1. I. Am. Honored.

    2. Since when I turned 18 & my pops bought me a good’ ol’ fashioned corncob pipe. We’ll smoke when you get back. Winter (especially after a blizzard) is the best time anyway. Bridge in the woods in between our houses?

  3. Joe says:

    It’s a deal.

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