I Remember When I…

…had a giant head and a tiny face.

…took this Awkward Family Photo.

…ran into some trouble with the law.

…was a total beach babe.

…was that weird kid making faces.

…used to ice skate with fellow homeschool fashionistas.

…was a total BA.

…went Amish for one day per year.

…got that Little Mermaid purse from my cousin Ben and it was totally awesome.

…chose to look like a boy on picture day.

…made myself a weave.

…made you totally jealous by getting my picture taken with the One, the Only: [said in whisper] Smitty.


2 thoughts on “I Remember When I…

  1. Janae says:

    Katie, who is Smitty?

  2. krdugan says:

    Only the legendary Michael W. Smith.

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