Fluffy Puffs

I am laying out in the sun, dreaming, staring at the clouds trying to decide what shapes they are contorting and shifting into. I couldn’t really make anything out of them besides unmentionable body parts and scary faces (perhaps a sign that I should step back and take a look at my entertainment consumption?) I am suddenly overcome with the desire… the need to dive right into one of those fluffy puffs. I envision cotton candy, but not the pink sticky stuff. Silvery-white frozen strands of vanilla flavored ice. Those are the small stringy ones. The ginormous mashed potato shaped wonders would be like the most fluffy and breathable pillows you ever did feel – perfect for afternoon napping in the sweltering sun. Perhaps I would even feel the rumbles of rain and thunder in it’s belly, lulling me to sleep. The sweetest lulliby just behind a new mother’s song to her first babe.

This day is glorious. Like a piece of Heaven itself.

…& here’s the Sun once more!


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