Chester & Ferry to Ireland, April 2009

April 2, 2009

We are in…are you ready?!


I already love Ireland and I have barely seen any of it! But before I talk more about Ireland, I’ll tell you about my day from the beginning…

Our coach was departing from Liverpool at 7:45am. The first stop was Chester, and it was a very fun little village. We saw some Roman ruins and learned about a lot of the history of the protective walls of the city.

We then made out way to Wales and I fell asleep for a lot of the Welsh countryside [documented by Catherine; above]…which I am so bummed about because what I did see when I awoke was absolutely beautiful! The best countryside yet.

We stopped for lunch in Wales at a place with a name so long I couldn’t even try to spell it. After lunch we hopped on the ferry bound for Ireland! It was a very long ferry ride. I bought some sea sick pills and it’s a good thing I did cause I was feeling fun-e. I slept for a little while and spent the rest exploring the ship, taking photos, and talking with the girls. It was an absolutely fantastic view the whole time. BRIGHT blue skies!

Once the boat docked we hopped on the bus again and we were in Dublin! The city seems really cool. And our hotel is very nice. We had dinner in the hotel and our waiter was this fabulous Irishman. He gave us ice cream AND pie! Then we went to the pub to socialize (it’s connected to the hotel and we didn’t get anything, so it doesn’t really count 🙂 )

So, all in all a good day. I am very excited for what God is going to show me in Ireland.


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