Loch Ness, Loch Lomond & more, March 2009

March 31, 2009

Every once in a while on this trip I have these moments of, “I am in the UK…I haven’t even been here for a week…I am going to be here till mid June…I get to spend a whole week in London…then I get to study the Bible for 8 weeks…in a Castle…holy moly!”

Today we saw some pretty neat stuff (understatement). First we stopped at this battlefield where some Scottish guys fought some English guys and lost (I’m a real history buff, eh?). Regardless of my poor knowledge of history, it was amazing to think that we walked on land (beautiful land) that was an historic battleground! [I just did some google research & I’m fairly positive it was Culloden Moor.]

Then we went to…LOCH NESS! So freaking amazing that I WENT TO LOCH NESS. I so very much love the legend of Nessie. I didn’t see anything substantial, however there were some strange lines in the water with no boat around…hmmmm. I’m totally photoshopping a blurry Nessie head into one of my photos.

Next up was a quick stop at Ben Navis: Scotland’s tallest mountain. And, boy, talk about misty mountains! Very beautiful. There was a point driving through the incredible mountain scape where I was just like, “This is…unreal.” We listened to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and is was so perfect. And as we reached Ben Navis I got I Will Lift My Eyes on my shuffle and it was so fitting. “I will lift my eyes/to the Maker/of the mountains and the skies”

We stopped for lunch (parsnip and ginger soup, so very very yummy) and a grocery shop. Then it was off to Loch Lomond (“I’ll take the high road and you’ll take the low road…”) Took a cruise of the loch and it was breathtaking. I had some hot chocolate in the cabin with our friends part of the time and spent the rest snapping photographs.

Then, it was off to our destination for the evening: Glasglow.


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