A Little Reflection

While reading through my journal full of all my travel & Capernwray thoughts, I came across a prayer I had written down that I like because it’s exactly what I was thankful for from beginning to end & even now:

April 22, 2009

O, Lord, in the quiet of this morning, this beautiful sunny morning, I ask that You would fill my heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit with satisfaction in Jesus.

I am thankful for coming to this place. I am thankful that You brought me here. I’m thankful for the rolling green hills when I look out my window to the left, I am thankful for the sweet English garden  I see when I look out my window to the right, I am thankful for the warm sun shining down on a cool and crisp morning, I am thankful for the birds I hear chirping and the sheep I hear baa-ing. I am thankful for roommates who are kind, helpful, and fun. I am thankful for speakers who give insightful teachings on Your Word, but are humble and know what they say can be flawed. I am thankful You brought me here with a good friend and I am thankful that even after spending the last month seeing each other non-stop we can still giggle and have fun together. I am thankful You have kept me healthy and even the few times I have felt unhealthy You have had Your hand of healing and comfort upon me. I am thankful You have calmed my nerves. I am thankful for a family at home who cares for me so much and for the prayers they give to You on my behalf. I am thankful for good friends at home who love me and pray for me and even write me while I am away. I am thankful for my relatives who also love and pray for me, and who encouraged me when I was feeling uncomfortable or scared with the idea of being here.

I am thankful for Your Son who died for me so that I may be free from the chains which held me in a place far worse than homesickness; thankful that the only reason I ever feel homesick is because I miss my Heavenly one. Thankful because I am never far from my real Home – thankful that one day I will spend with You in all eternity. Thankful that I am free.



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