Karlism of the Day

I think I’ll start a new “thing” for my blog (yes, the long awaited second installment of guests at my “Dream Dinner” is still in the works…).

It’s too difficult to explain who Karl Pilkington is & how he became semi-famous, so I will just leave you with this: he is a rather uneducated British guy with a funny looking round head who discusses (if we can call it that) topics with Ricky Gervais & Steven Merchant in the Ricky Gervais podcast. He has written three books, & I am lucky enough to have gotten two of them for Christmas! I keep coming across funny little bits of the book, so I decided I’ll just post these little excerpts as I find them.

So, without further adieu, here is my first Karlism of the Day:

[Speaking of the shabby school he attended in ‘the middle of a big field’]

“The council visited the school and did a health and safety check, and within about a week we were all given a letter for our parents explaining that the school was going to be knocked down. I used to always lose these notes, so I just told my dad what I remembered the note saying, which was that they were knocking the school down due to problems with albatross. He didn’t believe me, so called the school to find that the problem was in fact asbestos.” – from Karlology


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