Bad Day(s)

Today was not the greatest day in my whole life. I think that’s a positive way of looking at it. Nothing eventful made it particularly difficult, just a series of small, seemingly inconsequential nothings which turned into one wad of bad day syndrome. I will list a few for your reading pleasure:


  • I began the day with spilled milk. A whole pitcher of it over the counter at work. 
  • As this was happening our “quality” espresso machines were on the fritz again. That’s got to be the 4th time in the last few weeks we’ve had to have someone come out & look at them.
  • I have been scheduled for the worst hours the next couple of weeks.
  • My legs ached. All day. I thought I was done growing?!
  • I decided to wear my new Christmas sweater this afternoon. It was itchy. I loathe itchy sweaters – even if they are cute.
  • I keep procrastinating all the things I need to get done for Capernwray. Today has been no exception.
  • My tummy hurts. (Waa!)

I think I am going to go to bed now & pray for a better day tomorrow.


Well…better day(s).


One thought on “Bad Day(s)

  1. Beth says:

    I’m such a cheater trying to get my advertisement out on my sisters blog! Oh well, you can delete it if you want. Anyways, everyone needs to go to my wordpress, heres the link although it doesn’t work so heres the address 😀

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