I now know from experience that there is something worse than having a story spoiled for you: spoiling it for someone else.



There is a customer at the coffee shop in which I work who told me about a week ago that she was reading the Twilight Series. It was busy & I didn’t have time to discuss. She came in a couple of days ago & I was really interested to hear her thoughts seeing as she was a mother & not necessarily in the demographic of Twilight readers. We began discussing & within about 3.2875 seconds I blabbed a major plot point from the final & fourth installment of the series (pictured above).

She was about 2/3rds of the way through the SECOND book.

I felt & still feel awful/stupid/awkward/ditzy/sick about it. I don’t know WHY but I just keep kicking myself! I think it’s because it’s one of those things I absolutely cannot take back in any way shape or form. I feel like this should have some kind of spiritual connection & maybe that is why this is so upsetting, but I am too tired to try & figure that out.

Just so you know, in the Twilight world what I told her is on the same caliber as…










“Luke, I am your father.”


So, seeing as I am sure I will see this customer again, I need some advice on what I say to her next? Do I apologize again? Buy her coffee? Run into the back room when I see her walk through the door?


I need my conscience cleared!


2 thoughts on “Spoiled

  1. Brian P. says:

    Is there a word for the emotion experienced when a human being feels the strongest combination of both empathy and hilarity? In leu of the word for that emotion, I am limited to the sounds it evokes, so I will express as much: Hahaha!! Sigh… ohhh maaaan… I’m hahaha!! Oh, Katie I’m so sorry! That’s horrible!! hahahaha ohhh wow, my gosh, that’s.. hahaha wow.

    Having said this, I must also add that her return to your store will speak volumes of the loyalty of such a patron, and you ought be so encouraged that you simply smile, hand her a homemade bookmark that may or may not contain a link to this sight, and work extra hard to make whatever she orders EXTRA perfect.

  2. krdugan says:

    Homeade bookmark! That is genius!

    Also, that is EXACTLY what I need: empathy, a humorous response, & real advice!

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