Movin’ on Up

I have decided that the era of the Xanga is over. At least for me. I figured it’s probably about time that I “grew up” & moved on in the blogging world. I am a little nervous about this because usually to have a successful blog you have to have some talent when it comes to…well, writing. But I am hoping I can hold my own.


My first topic: awkwardness. I always seem to be able to find the most awkward & altogether STUPID thing to say in just about every conversation I have. I am wondering if this is just my personality (which is a very discouraging notion…but humbling if true) or if this is how everyone feels every once in a while. Now that I have a blog on which anyone & everyone can comment, I would like anyone & everyone to comment!


One thought on “Movin’ on Up

  1. Brittany says:

    A grown up blog! Iam glad you have joined us ^_^

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